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Holy Stone HS110 vs Holy Stone F181W

Holy Stone HS110 vs Holy Stone F181W

Holy Stone HS110 vs Holy Stone F181W

We all know by now that many companies are trying to offer the best drones for as little money as possible. This being said, today we have two models that are so similar that customers have trouble trying to decide which one would be the best choice for them: Holy Stone HS110 vs Holy Stone F181W. If you are one of them, we will try to make your job easier and compare the two, so you can easily notice which one best fits your needs.

Holy Stone F181WHoly Stone HS110
Size (L x W x H)32 x 32 x 8 cm32 x 32 x 12 cm
Weight151.1 gr700 gr
Battery2 x 750mAh LiPo2500mAh LiPo
Flight time10 minutes15 minutes
Charging time1.5 hours6 hours
Flight distance100 m500 m


At a first glance, the two drones appear rather similar, as they both have a simple, black design. The F181W seems a bit more intricate, with more curved lines and a couple red details. Even so, our personal opinion is that the HS110 has a slicker look and gives off a more professional vibe. This being said, from a practical standpoint, the HS110 has LED lights placed below the arms that will let you know about the pairing status between the transmitter and the drone, the battery, and the GPS lock status. The F181W also has LED lights, but their purpose is to only make it easier for you to identify it when you are flying in darker areas. They both have propeller guards, but on the HS110 you can choose to take them off if you feel confident enough with your flying skills. 


Both models have a 720p HD, 120 degrees wide angle camera, that does not offer an image quality as good as a 4K camera, but it is just enough for creating memories. Also, they both offer the FPV function, which can prove to be a lot of fun. It is advisable to switch to hover mode when using the camera, as the stabilization is not exactly a forte point. Also, the biggest downside might be that the angle of the camera is not adjustable, so in order to capture a more intricate shot, you need to move the whole drone, which can be tricky for a beginner.


 Holy Stone HS110 drone and accessories

There is not much to say about the batteries, as the differences are quite obvious. The HS110 is at the top with a 2500mAh LiPo battery and a flight time of 15 minutes, and  the F181W falls behind with two 750mAh LiPo batteries and only 10 minutes of flight time per battery. It is true that in this context, the contrasts in charging time are very noticeable. While the flight time has only a 5 minute window, the F181W charges in one and a half hours, while its competitor in 6 hours. It is up to you which of these aspects is more significant.

Flight performance

The biggest difference between the two drones in this case are the control ranges. For the Holy Stone HS110, it is 500 meters, while for the F181W it is only 100 meters. This is an important feature for the pilots who also want to have a little bit of fun with their drone, and a higher flight distance allows them to do so. Other than this, they have common flight functions:

Headless mode

It helps the pilot navigate more easily, as it makes the drone take into consideration his or hers point of view only. This is a great function for a beginner, as the quadcopter will follow the commands as they are and not take into consideration if it is facing forwards or backwards. 

Altitude hold

We mentioned this before when we talked about the camera. Basically, through this mode, your drone will hold its own altitude, without you having to do anything about it. It is not great for shooting photos and videos only, but also for learning how to control the drone better.

One key takeoff/landing

Holy Stone F181W drone remote controller and the backpack

By just pressing a button, the drone will lift up or lower back to the ground by itself. This is very helpful if it is your first time flying and you are not too familiar with the sensitivity of the controls. Otherwise, you might shoot the drone up unexpectedly, or hit it to the ground when landing, both causing (possibly) unfixable damage. Better safe than sorry!

One key return

If you are worried about losing control of your drone, fear no longer. This function is specifically designed for this, as the quadcopter will return to the takeoff point by only pressing a button. Therefore, if you ever get panicked and you no longer know what to do with the controls, just press the button and the drone will come back to you. Therefore, the chances of losing it lower drastically.

Six-axis gyroscope

This is a must have for most drones, as it improves stability even in rough weather conditions. Even so, you should avoid flying the drones in strong winds, especially the F181W, simply because they are so lightweight that they might end up carried away. If this happens, not even the One key return function will be able to bring it back. 

3D flips

You might want to pay attention to this one, because it is not available with the Holy Stone HS110. This feature will definitely impress your audience, as the drone can flip all along the three axes and therefore putting up a show. Of course, who says that with this function you can not have fun all by yourself too?

The package of the Holy Stone HS110 includes:

  • The drone itself
  • 2.4GHz controller
  • Battery 
  • 4 additional propellers
  • Phone holder
  • USB charger
  • 4GB micro SD card
  • Card reader
  • Screwdriver
  • 8 screws (4 for the blades/4 for the drone)
  • User manual

The package of the Holy Stone F181W includes:

  • The drone itself
  • Transmitter
  • 2 batteries
  • 2 USB charging cables
  • 4GB SD memory card
  • Card reader
  • Screwdriver
  • 4 extra propeller blades
  • 4 extra propeller guard screws
  • User manual


In conclusion, both drones would be fit for beginners, but also for experimented pilots who are just looking after a little bit of fun. Even though the prices differ, so do the specifications and ultimately the experiences. You have the final decision as to which one is the best fit for you. If the Holy Stone HS110 seems to be the most appropriate for you, then you can find it on Amazon at a great deal. Also, in the case of the F181W, you can find it on Amazon too, in two options even. Whichever one you choose we hope you have a great time and we look forward to hearing about your experience!

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