Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter 1080 FPV Camera

    Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter

    Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter Fun Drone With 1080 FPV Camera

    The Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter is a very useful and fun drone to have. This drone is made for flying outside at high altitudes.Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter Blue, Red, Orange and Green

    Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter features:

    • Tactic DroneView with Wi-Fi HD FPV camera that can capture photos of 1080p resolution
    • HD real-time video recording
    • Compatible with DroneView app
    • Auto takeoff and landing
    • Altitude hold and auto flip
    • Long flying time, up to 12 minutes
    • LED lights for flying at nights as well
    • Resistant airframe making the drone survive routine crashes
    • A three axis gyroscope and three accelerometers for a smooth and stable flight
    • 2S LiPo battery for a longer flying time
    • AC 2-3S charger for reliable charging

    The 2.4GHz technology is best for the drone because it helps not to interfere with other signals, making the flying experience for the user more pleasant. Dual rates is available to help in customizing the response to the user’s skills and preferences. It also features digital trims for a better control and precise settings.

    The Wi-Fi enabled 1080p HD FPV camera can operate through your smartphone or mobile device, taking HD videos and capture photos as well. The captured media can be stored on the memory card or you can download them directly onto your smartphone through Wi-FI connection.

    The package includes:

    Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter Package Content

    • One fully assembled XL FPV Drone
    • The Tactic DroneView 1080p Wi-Fi FPV camera
    • 2.4GHz radio system
    • the rechargeable 2S LiPo battery
    • 2S-3S AC balancing charger for a better charging
    • AAA batteries
    • 4GB micro memory card to store the media on
    • The camera mount
    • An extra set of blades
    • Blade guards
    • a screwdriver

    The Dromida XL 370 RTF Quadcopter is a fun item to have and it costs only about $210 and in comes in four different colors.

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