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Force1 UFO 3000 LED Quadcopter Review


With the intention of showing you the best drones of the year 2018, this Force1 UFO 3000 LED Quadcopter Review will tell you everything you need to know about one of the coolest looking drones out there. With the look of a spaceship -as its name suggests- and LED Lights on its body it will a lot of fun to play with it.

Besides the interesting and captivating design Force1 UFO 3000 LED has some nice features that adds value to it and gives advantages from other models. Let’s get through them.

( Check this link to see other interesting looking drone, but more than that it has some nice camera features)

The UFO 3000 LED Drone has a longer flight time than its older brother as it comes with a bonus battery, that should ensure around 10 minutes of flight.

Since this drone is very light in weight, it allows the user to fly fast and because of that it is love by those who like toys that have excessive speeds. It has 3 speed modes and  the third speed is the fastest and is mostly recommended for outdoor use. Mode 1 is a very good mode to just play around indoor with, mode 2 adds slightly more pitch.

This drone is also able to perform some exciting acrobatics! With the ease of just one button you can watch it glow as it performs awesome 3D stunts and 360º flips.

Although you might be careful with it to not take it outside in windy conditions, because of the weight and the weak GPS sensor, it can sweep off really easily, breaking down your fun.

The spare propellers that seem smoothly included in the design give an extra protection to the user and its body, but in the same time balances the propellers and motors. That makes it a durable drone.

If you wonder what the drone comes with when purchased I will let you know that there are a few key items that come with this product when purchased online and these include:

  • The UFO 300 LED Drone itself
  • The remote control
  • Two 3.7V lithium batteries
  • Instruction guide
  • Spare propellers
  • USB Charging Cable

The 2.4 ghz, 4 channel remote is in the same color match as the drone, white with green, it has a rubberish feeling, and a nice feeling while holding. It features on the left side : the Speed Conversion Button, The Left Throttle Trim and Lever, the Fine Tune Adjustment, on the middle : the power indicator, the power switch, on the right: the roll/flip button, forward/backward trimming, direction joystick, and finally side trimming.

To configure it you just have to press the power button placed on the body of the drone (you will see that the lights will turn on), then power on the remote, hold for some seconds the right throttle and wait a moment for the LEDs to blink and have a continuous light.

As much as we tested it we concluded that it does a great job in the air, keeping its stability, it’s kind of impressing if you ask me, considering the low price. No interruptions, the only down is that the battery case is loose, so it might happen that during flight the battery to pop up. It can be a party breaker, but if you don’t mind a little adjustment you can enjoy it without other problems.

Besides that, all the show was made by the beautifully LED lights (green for the face, blue for the rear), as we flew it in the night.

In conclusion, whether that you buy as a gift for you beloved ones, or just for your simple delight, you can be sure that it worth all its money.  It is easy portable, fast, interesting, it fills your time and it’s very affordable, is one of those drones that you can purchase under $60. Now it is available on Amazon, and it is shipping free depending on the country you are in, just check your order.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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