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Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter Review

Are you looking for a quadcopter that comes with amazing features and also at an affordable price? Then you should take into consideration choosing one of the drone’s made by Holy Stone. They have created a large variety of drones perfectly made for every kind of user. So even if you are a beginner or a more experienced drone enthusiast, Holy Stone has a drone that can perfectly suit your needs. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter, which is an amazing drone that offers impressive flight functions and also comes at a great price. This drone can be a great choice even if you are a beginner or a more experienced drone user. So let’s begin.

Design and built-in 

First of all, we consider that the design and the built-in components of a drone represent one of the most important topics to take into consideration when you are thinking about choosing the right drone. The Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter has an amazing design that looks pretty similar to the Aosenma CG028 Quadcopter. It is made out of high quality plastic that offers it an increased protection to small shocks or accidents.

This quadcopter measures 14.2 x 11.8 x 2.8 inches and weighs almost 200 grams. Another important design feature of this drone is that it is foldable and because of that carrying it with you wherever you are going will not be a problem for you. 


When you receive the Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter you will be surprised to see how many spare accessories it has to offer. Opening the box you will find the drone itself along with its remote controller, 2 LiPo batteries, 4 propeller guards, 2 USB charging cables, 2 spare propellers and the user manual.  

Battery and flight time 

The great aspect of this drone is that it comes with 2 batteries, that doubles up your total flight time. The 2 LiPo batteries have a capacity of 1300mAh each of them offering you a flight time of around 22 minutes, so you will get an amazing flight time of 44 minutes. The batteries are modular so switching them will be a very easy task. 


Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter Camera

The Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter comes with an amazing built-in camera that will help you catch impressive aerial photos and videos. It is a 2K HD camera that captures videos and photos at a resolution of 2048 x 1080p. The great advantage of this camera is that it offers a wide field of view at 120 degrees and it can be adjusted vertically at 90 degrees. The vertical angle can be controlled by using the drone’s app. In order to get the highest resolution for your videos and photos we recommend you to use a TF card.  Or if you want to store your videos and photos at a resolution of 1080p you can store it via wifi on your smartphone. 

An impressive feature that you can use for a great flight experience is the FPV feature. The first person experience transmission range is around 300 meters and in order to enjoy it you will have to use your smartphone. 

Flight experience

As the other performant drones that you can find on the market these days, the Holy Stone HS 175 Quadcopter also has to offer a great amount of intelligent flight modes that you can use in order to get an amazing flight experience. 

Optical flow positioning 

Using this flight mode you will always be aware where your drone is situated. It represents a great help for taking steady pictures or videos helping the drone hover easily. 

Follow me mode 

Follow me mode is another impressive flight function that will help you a lot especially if you are a sport enthusiast who wants to capture his outdoor activity on the camera. By using this mode the drone will follow the object selected, keeping a reasonable distance from it.

Gesture control 

Show the drone the victory sign and it will start taking pictures. And by showing it the palm it will start recording. It is a great feature that you can use for capturing group photos or videos with your friends. 

Altitude hold

If you are a beginner drone user, you can make your first flight experience easier by using the altitude hold feature. By using this mode the drone will maintain a steady hovering altitude at your choice.

Headless mode 

By using the headless mode, you will not have to worry about which side your drone is facing. Because it will align to the pilot’s position. 

Return home 

Return home function is an amazing feature to have on a drone, that will help you not lose your drone. When its battery is low or when you are pushing the return home button the drone will come back to you by itself.


In conclusion, we can say that Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter is an amazing drone to have even if you are a beginner user or a more experienced drone enthusiast. It offers amazing features that will help you control it more easily, it has a great design and because of its amazing 2K HD camera this drone, worths its money for sure. 

If you are interested in purchasing this quadcopter, you can find it at a great price on Amazon

FAQ:  Holy Stone HS175 Quadcopter

Question: Is camera adjustable by remote and what app does this use? Thanks


Yes the camera is adjustable via the remote controller. The app is HS GPS V5. I hope this helps you out.

Question: Do I need to register this drone


I think no, since it is less than 250 g

Question: What is the range distance how many meters will it go?


About 300 meters unobstructed.

Question: What is the speed of this?


It has 2 speed settings. Not sure of mph but would not use it for a racing drone.

Question: When you put the sd card in the drone, do you format it first on your computer?


No, I didn’t have to.

Question: Where can i get replacement parts?


Check with Holy Stone directly. It does come with spare propellers and prop guards.

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