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JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter Review


JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter Review

The JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter is a unique drone that has an amazing design, it is joyful colored and more than that its arms are detachable. JJRC’s are well known for their friendly budget drones and H28C is no exception. 

So, if you are a beginner or even a more experienced drone enthusiast in search of a budget drone that also has great built-in components that will help you get an enjoyable flight experience and a camera as well then you should read this article until the end because the JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter might be the one you are looking for. 

Design and Built-in 

In case you are both a drone and traveling enthusiast, then the JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter will be a perfect choice for you. It has a unique design that allows you to detach the drone’s arms very easily. 

The drone has a very beautiful look. Its arms being joyful collared and it pretty similar to the popular JJRC X5 Quadcopter. Its modular design is not only useful for carrying it from one place to another but it also gives the drone’s pilot the opportunity to replace the drone’s arms or rotors in case of an accident. 


H28C Quadcopter is made out of high-quality ABS plastic. It offers a great impact resistance to the aircraft, so you will not have to worry about the small accidents that might occur while flying it. The propeller guards enforce the drone’s resistance as well.

Battery and Flight Time

Being powered by a 3.88V, 1200mAh that has a 30C rating, It will offer you a continuous flight experience of around 15 minutes. In order to fully charge the drone’s battery, it will take 3h and 30 minutes. So, if you are looking for a longer flight experience we recommend you purchase a second battery. In order to switch it with the first one when it runs out of power.

Flight Experience 

JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter offers a really impressive flight experience, being easy to control. It also features some really helpful flight modes that will offer a better experience to its user. The drone has a 6-axis gyro flight controller. It will help you toss your drone in the air and throttle up in full to self-level. The flight experience is smooth and it has a stable hovering. The flight distance the drone can fly is 200 meters. Making it very competitive for the other drones at a similar price range.

One of the drone’s main features which makes it a great match for every beginner is the 3 level speed feature. This feature allows its user to choose the speed level of the drone. This way they will get easier control over it. As a beginner, it is recommended to start flying it at the lowest level of speed. As you master that level you can switch it to a more advanced one, until you become an expert drone pilot. 


Another great feature both for beginners and more experienced users is the headless mode. It allows you to get an easier orientation despite where the drone is facing at. The JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter also features one key return feature. This mode makes the drone come back to you by itself. It can also perform wonderful 360 degrees aerial stunts that for sure will impress it user and its audience. 


The flight experience offered by the H28C Quadcopter is really amazing. Unfortunately, we can not say that about it camera. The drone features a 2mpx camera which offers decent quality. But if you are looking for capturing professional videos, unfortunately, you will not be able with this drone. 

It is a good camera for capturing decent aerial footage. even if the quality will not be as good as it is on other professional drones, but taking into account its price range, it might match your expectations. The good thing about its camera is that it comes along with a 1 axis Gimbal. It will reduce the shakiness and it will also offer the ability to tilt the camera downwards or upwards. 


In conclusion, we can say that the JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter is a really good drone. It is perfect for every beginner to start with. The drone offers impressive and unexpected flight features and components. They make it not only easy to control but also a great drone for learning and practicing on in order to become a better drone pilot. It offers a great flight time, plenty of interesting and helpful features and it has an amazing and unique design. That being said, we can conclude that the JJRC H28C Camera Quadcopter really worths its price. 

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