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Flying3D FY919 Drone Review

Flying3D FY919 Drone Review

Flying3D FY919 Drone Review – Wifi FPV Drone With Optical Flow Sensor

After the Cheerson CX-OF drone, here is another quadcopter that comes with an optical flow sensor included. This is the Flying3D FY919, a new drone with a design that looks a bit like a hover from the Avatar movie. It comes with caged propellers which makes it usable even indoors!
Flying3D FY919 Drone From Top
This drone has enclosed propellers, altitude hold and what we mentioned before, the optical flow sensor which prevents the drone from drifting while hovering and this is a feature that is very suited for beginners.
Flying3D FY919 Optical Flow Positioning
What’s good about this drone is that it’s cheap and it also is a quality product. It’s lightweight and very resistant. The transmitter is amazing and the video transmission is quite clear and good quality.
Flying3D FY919 Drone Review - Camera
What you might find problematic is the short flight time which is only 3 minutes, the live camera can fail now and then and it has no SD card for video recording. But overall, it’s a decent drone.

Flying3D FY919 Drone Review – Specifications:

  • Features a cool design with caged propellers
  • Optical positioning sensor
  • Air pressure sensor
  • Somatosensory control mode
  • Headless mode
  • HD camera with Wi-Fi and real time image transmission
  • 3 minutes of flight time
  • One key takeoff and landing key
  • LED lights in the colours blue and red

Package includes:

Flying3D FY919 Package

  • One Flying3D FY919 RC Quadcopter
  • One transmitter (batteries not included)
  • One 7.4V 350 mA Li-Po battery
  • One USB charger
  • 4 blade propellers

It’s quite a good drone, witch a compact packaging that will surely be suitable for any beginner. If you’re an advanced user, you might not find it THAT brilliant, but for its price: $50, I think it’s a good drone and it’s worth a shot. But you can’t know everything about a drone just by reading about it, you will have to test it first to see if you actually like it, but that’s just my opinion.
Flying3D FY919 Drone LED Lights


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