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Flying3D FY919 Drone Review

Flying3D FY919 Drone Review

Flying3D FY919 Drone Review

If you are looking for a budget drone that also can perform a little more than a regular budget drone then this article is for you. Following this article, you get the chance to learn everything about the Flying3D FY919 Drone. This drone comes at a very affordable price taking into consideration its specifications. The great thing about it is that you will find on it flying options that you will usually find on more performant drones. So let’s begin. 

After the Cheerson CX-OF drone, here is another quadcopter that comes with an optical flow sensor included. This is the Flying3D FY919, a new drone with a design that looks a bit like a hover from the Avatar movie. It comes with caged propellers which makes it usable even indoors!


The first important thing which captures everyone’s attention when it comes to a drone is, of course, its design. Flying3D FY919 has a very futurist and good-looking design, which makes it very compact. Its propellers are light green colored offering it an amazing look. Having this color will also help you identify it more easily if you are flying it in the night. The drone is made out of ABS plastic, being very resistant to the small accidents that might occur. Also, its props are well protected by a plastic cage that surrounds them. 

Flying3D FY919 Drone From Top

Flight Performance

As we mentioned above this drone comes with some really impressive flight functions. So, one of these impressive features is the optical flow sensor. This is a great feature to have on a drone. This sensor will prevent the drone from drifting while it is hovering. Having this feature we can say that this drone can be a perfect match for every beginner. Usually, you will find this feature on more expensive drones. So, this represents a very strong point for the Flying3D FY919.

Flying3D FY919 Optical Flow Positioning

More than that, this amazing drone, also features altitude hold. This feature will make the drone maintain a certain altitude. So, if you are beginer this feature will be the best for you. FY919 can also perform headless mode and one key return. The one key return is that feature that you must have on your drone if you want to never lose it. Pressing the one key button the drone will come back to its transmitter by itself.

Flying3D FY919 Drone Review - Camera

What you might find problematic is the short flight time which is only 3 minutes, the live camera can fail now and then and it has no SD card for video recording. But overall, it’s a decent drone.


The tinny drone, also features a HD camera helping you capture amazing aerial footage. The camera has Wi-Fi real time image transmission. This means that you can also enjoy an impressive First Person View experience. Connect your phone to the drone and it will instantly send real time flight footage to it.

Flying3D FY919 Drone Review – Specifications:

  • Features a cool design with caged propellers
  • Optical positioning sensor
  • Air pressure sensor
  • Somatosensory control mode
  • Headless mode
  • HD camera with Wi-Fi and real time image transmission
  • 3 minutes of flight time
  • One key takeoff and landing key
  • LED lights in the colours blue and red

Package includes:

Flying3D FY919 Package

Packaging represents a very aspect when it comes to purchasing a drone. Luckily, the Flying3D FY919 offers amazing packaging with great accessories on the side. The drone’s packaging perfectly matches the drone’s colors making it a perfect gift option. The first thing you will see when you will open the drone’s box will be the drone itself. Along with to the drone, you will its transmitter, which unfortunately does not include the batteries. But, it is normal to not receive batteries for your transmitter when you are purchasing a drone. More than that, you will find a 7.4V 350 mAh Li-po battery, that will offer you a great flight time, a USB charger, and 4 blade propellers. 

So as we can see this drone, offers a decent amount of accessories on the side, making it worth its price for sure. 


Flying3D FY919 Drone LED Lights

It’s quite a good drone, witch a compact packaging that will surely be suitable for any beginner. If you’re an advanced user, you might not find it THAT brilliant, but for its price: $50, I think it’s a good drone and it’s worth a shot. But you can’t know everything about a drone just by reading about it, you will have to test it first to see if you actually like it, but that’s just my opinion.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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flying3d-fy919-drone-review Flying3D FY919 Drone Review If you are looking for a budget drone that also can perform a little more than a regular budget drone then this article is for you. Following this article, you get the chance to learn everything about the Flying3D FY919 Drone....


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