JJRC X12 AURORA Quadcopter


JJRC X12 AURORA Quadcopter

A few years ago having a drone was a big deal, but nowadays it’s an ordinary thing to own a drone. That’s why the drone manufacturers try their best to be number one in their category. And this applies to all the drone categories: mini drones, mid-quality drones  and high-quality drone.

The JJRC X12 is a mid-quality drone but it comes with a lot of great features because the JJRC company wants to show that they are worthy. The aircraft is built with some magical abilities, first of all, is foldable, which is a big trend now in the drone world but you can also find in his capabilities the Return Home option, Intelligent flight modes, a stylish remote control, and many others.  Stay tuned if you want to find out all of them.

What’s in the box?

Let’s see what you will get for your money. This is just the basic pack, you can upgrade this with extra batteries or accessories if you like. This package usually costs 270$ but if are lucky enough you can find sites who give you a bigger sale.

  • X12 AURORA Foldable drone with a camera;
  • Remote controller;
  • Phone holder;
  • 11.4V/2400mAh flight battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • USB charging cable for RC;
  • 1 pair of spare propellers;
  • Hex wrench;
  • Drone manual;
JJRC X12 AURORA Quadcopter

Specs and features

  • Backpack friendly foldable design;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • Super stable indoor hovering (Ultra-sonic & Barometer positioning);
  • On-board Full HD (1080P) camera;
  • PTZ remote camera angle adjustment;
  • Anti-shake 3-axis gimbal;
  • 5G WiFi real-time video transmission (up to 1KM FPV range);
  • Geo-fence enabled beginner mode;
  • Fail-safe auto return to home (RC signal loss and Low battery);
  • Gravity sensor control;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Return home, Point of interest and Auto-follow, etc.);
  • 1200 meters control range
  • Approx. 25 minutes of flight time


The quadcopter looks like an 8 from above which gives him a pretty friendly visual impression. The best of this drone is his foldable capability which allows you to transport it in your backpack easily. Like in the case of any healthy drone the camera is placed nicely on the front and has for arms on which you can find the propellers. Under each arm, there is a little leg to guard the camera and the bottom of the drone from any crash.


Whether you use much or less the camera of a drone it’s an important part of the drone, or maybe the most important. Well, our JJRC X12 is built with a 1080p camera with an anti-shake function, which is pretty important if you don’t want to have noisy and blurry pictures all the time. The drone is FPV so you can follow your camera’s activity on your phone via the 5G Wifi real-time image transmission. Besides this, you can also adjust the angle of the camera remotely and zoom anytime you want to. The camera can capture 120 degrees and has a wide-angle lens. This is good and bad at the same time because you will be able to catch a lot of things with that camera but you will get a fisheye effect which is not the greatest thing.  

Remote control

The remote of the drone looks pretty awesome. It has a small LCD screen on the middle two-two buttons at each side of the screen and a joystick at each side. All of those places in beautiful symmetry. And you can also find a phone holder on the top of the controller.

JJRC X12 Remote Controller


The best part of the drone is the app you can download to maximize your flight experience. As in any drone app, you can see what the drone can view but there’s more, this works for like 1.2km. You can control your drone from your phone. Also, on the top of the screen, you can get a lot of useful information about the drone’s status like the GPS signal strength. Besides that, you can access the photo and video modules from the app.

But there’s more. The drone is capable of Follow me mode. Whit this feature the drone’s camera will lock on your mobile device when using this feature, the quadcopter will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. The camera will keep his focus pointing at the position of the mobile phone’s holder and remain constant distance to the mobile phone even when you move.

Another cool and intelligent flight mode is the Point of Interest. To enable this feature to set a specific point, a person, a building an object, it can be anything. But for the best result, make sure to have a still non-movable point of interest. After this selection, the drone will start to fly in circles around the object until you want to. You can change the point of interest even during the flight, you can do this in the settings section.

The next ability of the drone I will talk about is one very common therefore is very useful. And this is the Return Home option. If you press the button which is responsible for this movement the drone will track his point where he took off and will land there. This feature saves you a lot of time and effort. Or maybe even a drone, because you won’t break it in a landing maneuver.

JJRC X12 Folded


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a drone that you will use only once or twice a year when you go on a holiday then the X12 is for you. However, there are other drones that are cheaper than this one. But for less money, it will come with fewer features. Like smaller range, less intelligent flight modes, inferior camera etc. With enough research, you will be able to find the drone that fits you the most. For this price range, this is a pretty decent drone that I can recommend for you. However, I don’t have big expectations for this drone. After all, it’s still just a mid-quality drone.

If you’re interested you can check the price of the drone on GeekBuying.


  1. Hi, I just bought a JJRC X12 Aurora but the 2 recommended apps Enjoy Fly and C Fly are not available on Play Store!! Any suggestions on alternative apps that I can use?
    Yours hopefully,
    Sol Nawaz


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