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DBPOWER Predator U842 Quadcopter Review

DBPOWER Predator U842 Review

DBPOWER Predator U842 Quadcopter Review

Have you at any point considered what it resembles to enter the very energizing universe of FPV Drone flying however thought it was likely excessively costly? Well now’s your opportunity as the DBPOWER Predator U842 Quadcopter is stacked with extraordinary highlights and comes prepared for FPV continuous video transmission streaming straightforwardly to your cell phone, as you can see in the below review. You can likewise control the drone simply utilizing your phone if you like. This quad is reasonably valued and appropriate for learners just as well as for the experienced pilots. 

The DBPOWER Predator U842 is a huge interest drone focused on unpracticed drone pilots. It is bigger than the Syma X5C and packs numerous extraordinary highlights. Moreover, it accompanies an inbuilt Headless Mode that makes flying simpler, just as a few different modes to improve the flying experience. You can fly this drone with either a 2.4GHz remote controller or a smart gadget, for example, your cell phone or tablet. The quad weighs 0.8lbs when completely assembled, which implies you need to get a pilot permit from the FAA before you fly it. 

What’s in the box?

When you open the box, you’ll see the drone and the remote controller. Also, you’ll discover additional extras including a 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo battery, cell phone holder, screwdriver, L-wrench, USB cable, 4GB micro SD card, USB card reader, user manual, 4 propeller guards and 4 substitution propellers. 

Now, note that the drone doesn’t come completely assembled. This means that you should install the arrival gear and the propeller guards. 

Remote Controller

The quad accompanies a remote controller, which functions on four AA batteries. Situated in the middle of the controller is the on/off catch and above it, you have the force LED. There is a joystick on each side of the transmitter. The left joystick is the throttle and the rudder, though the right joystick will permit you to fly your drone in various ways including forward, backward, and both right and left. Close to the right joystick, you have the trim modify. At the base of the transmitter, you have a backlit LCD show. On the left of the LCD show, you have the Headless Mode and High/Low Speed catches, while on the right of the showcase, you have the Flip Mode button. 


The Predator U842 accompanies a 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo battery that gives a flight time of around 8 minutes with the propeller guards installed. To charge the battery, you need to plug the given USB charging cable into a 5V, 2Amp USB charger. It takes around two hours to charge the battery totally. When completely charged, the battery LED indicator turns red to strong green. On the safety front, the transmitter has a low voltage caution. 

DBPOWER Predator U842 Package Review


This quad has a 720p camera that you can use to record HD recordings at 30 fps or shoot 1280 x 720 photographs at ultra-wide angles. In the event that you need to experience FPV flying, utilize the Udirc-FPV application to stream live from your gadget. The camera has a micro SD card space on the back and the quad’s extras incorporate a 4GB micro SD card for putting away recordings and photographs. 


The DBPOWER Predator U842 has a lot of highlights available for the client which incorporates Gravity Induction Mode, one key return, headless mode, low voltage caution, resistance to crash guards, and 3D flips. With its rundown of functionalities, it promotes an incredible time for learners and veterans the same. 

When it takes off, it is wonderful how this toy quad can be steady while you’re piloting and moving it. If you are a learner to the entire experience, at that point you might need to go to your nearby park to give it a shot. It is likewise favored that you use it when flying with the breeze. The flight time is around 6-9 minutes and will take more power when you utilize the FPV camera work. Charging time is very long at around 150 minutes so it is great that there is an additional battery included. 

Normally, the forward course is equivalent to the drone nose direction, however in the event that utilizing headless mode the forward course will be equivalent to your remote controller. Associate your telephone with the drone HD camera and the view will be indicated straightforwardly on your telephone progressively. This drone shoots aerial recordings and photographs with an HD camera that has 720P and 30 fps. It highlights FPV ongoing transmission so you can drift and see the recordings or photographs that your camera is shooting in your cell phone simultaneously. 

Flight Modes

Gravity Mode — When you use this mode, the quad will fly toward the path you tilt your cell phone. 

Headless Mode — This mode has smart orientation, which makes piloting the quad simpler and fun. In this mode, you don’t need to reposition your drone. You just point the transmitter exactly at the drone and afterward get it to fly toward whatever path you need independent of its direction. 

Flip Mode — This mode permits you to flip your quad 360 degrees simply by pushing the right stick left or right. 

Instructions to Fly the Drone 

With the charged battery set up, turn on the power of the transmitter and push the throttle joystick here and there. At that point, place your quad on a level surface and afterward turn on the force switch situated at the base of the fuselage, permitting your quad to pair with its transmitter. When your quadcopter is paired with the transmitter, you can take off. 

The Predator U842 2.4GHz transmitter has a 4 channel, 6-axis gyroscope to improve its stability and its flight abilities. You can utilize the propellers or underside LED lights to know whether the quad is confronting you or confronting endlessly from you. Specifically said, the quad has orange propellers and dark propellers on the front and back, individually. It is significant that the DBPOWER Predator U842 has a working of around 80 meters and offers two speed modes: high and low. 

DBPOWER Predator U842 Quadcopter Review

Flying with Mobile Device

If you like to pilot your drone with your cell phone, scan the QR in the given quick Set-Up guide to install the quad’s application on your cell phone. At that point, go into your cell phone’s Wi-Fi setup and interface with the quad’s Wi-Fi SSID. Next, open the application to get a live video stream from the quad’s camera. Simultaneously, you will have the option to fly and control your quadcopter utilizing the virtual controls in the application. 


  • FPV live video stream via smartphone
  • Control with a smartphone or controller
  • Extra battery included
  • 6-axis Gyro Control
  • Useful modes
  • One key flip and return functions
  • Sturdy and robust design


  • Limited operating range
  • No GPS
  • Average camera
  • No gimbal


The DBPOWER Predator U842 is an enormous, strong quad intended for unpracticed drone pilots, as seen in our review. It comes especially assembled, which means you should install a few parts including the propeller guards and the arrival gear. You can fly this quad with either a gadget or the given transmitter. It accompanies a tiltable camera that shoots 720p HD recordings and pictures. The quad additionally offers FPV live video stream choice. It accompanies a few programmed flight modes including Headless Mode and Flip Mode, which permits you to complete 360 degrees flips at the touch of a catch. Its safety highlights include an out of range alert and a low voltage alarm, which permits you to land the quad before its battery is low. 

Obviously, it takes some time to totally ace the DBPOWER Predator U842, yet once you do, this specific quadcopter is certainly worth the cash that you spend on it. It is intended to give creativity higher than ever. This drone is a great choice for specialists who love to investigate the sky. In any case, the drone’s engines heat up, and it might convey less the ideal result during breezy days. 

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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dbpower-predator-u842-quadcopter-review DBPOWER Predator U842 Quadcopter Review Have you at any point considered what it resembles to enter the very energizing universe of FPV Drone flying however thought it was likely excessively costly? Well now's your opportunity as the DBPOWER Predator U842 Quadcopter is stacked with extraordinary...


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