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AKASO A31 Quadcopter Review


AKASO A31 Quadcopter Review

For a lot of purchasers, $100 is the enchantment number for drone buys. Nowadays, you have a lot more choices in this value run and their exhibition can give charming surprises. One such model is the AKASO A31 Quadcopter that we’ll review below. It may not be the most well-known flyer out there yet the buyers who have it swear that it gives a decent blast to its price. 

This cheap drone is made for learners who are searching for a straightforward and simple quad, to begin with. These drones immediately got mainstream because of their build quality and heavenly client care administration. 

From the start, AKASO A31 is an intriguing quadcopter that includes a shading blend of blue and dark as you’ll see in the below review. On the top, it accompanies the brand logo that implies the company. The structure of this drone mirrors the well known DJI Phantom 3. Even though AKASO A31 is created with solid ABS plastic that gives the drone improved resistance against a crash. 

In case you are new to flying drones, the box accompanies propeller guards that broaden its assurance against crashes. Plus, it includes an inherent LED module that permits you to adjust its brightness for upgraded visual positioning. The battery is situated on the back that gives as long as 9 minutes of flight time.

In the front, the AKASO A31 is furnished with a 1080P HD camera that lets you catch aerial shots and recordings perfectly. This quad is outfitted with landing slips that give normal insurance against harsh landings. 

Design and build quality

This isn’t a fit-the-palm sort of little quadcopter. It is greater than that at 13x13x4 inches of size. It weighs 750g, so you unquestionably need to enroll it with the FAA before you can pilot it. The outside packaging of this quad is made with a high caliber and solid ABS plastic. This sort of plastic doesn’t break regardless of whether the quad crashes into something in its flight way. You can be certain that the fragile inside pieces of the drone are ensured constantly. 

Concerning the finishing, it is a matte dark paint, with contacts of blue in the middle part of the quadcopter. Two arms additionally have little segments of blue. While numerous clients believe that the X-shape of this automaton doesn’t do its equity, it despite everything makes the quad look interesting. 

AKASO A31 Quadcopter Package Review


This drone has a 1080p full HD camera that has a 120-degree wide-point focal point. This ought to have the option to see somewhat more than basic cameras that have 110 degrees of viewing. This is something to be thankful for since the camera has constrained movement. 

It is fit for delivering shoots to a cell phone for a first-person view with the companion telephone application. It functions admirably enough yet clients ought to have unassuming expectations regarding the quality. The individuals who need creation level film should search rather for drones with camera mounts and utilize their GoPro or comparable activity cameras. 


The battery of the drone is located on the contrary side of the camera. It should slide directly off and be prepared for charging. You ought to have the option to reach 100% in 90-100 minutes. The flight time is around 9 minutes relying upon the degree of utilization. This battery is 3.7V with 750 mAh of limit. It is not a major battery using any means and there is no extra included. This can seriously restrict flying times so plan your trips likewise. 

Remote controller

The remote control has a max scope of 100 meters. If your quadcopter escapes, at that point you won’t have the option to make it return. Watch out for it and utilize the one key return highlight to make it to return to its original situation before it’s past the point of no return. Attempt to stay away from solid breezes as the drone will be harder to control and may even get harmed. FPV Wi-Fi go is even less at 50 meters so keep it close for smooth recordings. Tricks like barrel rolls are possible with a single click. 

Flight Performance

The flight performance is one of the significant purchasing factors that decide if you need this quad or not. Although AKASO A31 is a moderately new quad it comes with a max flight time as long as 9 minutes and remote control separation up to 100 meters. It falls somewhat short behind RAGU SX20 and the SNAPTAIN SP660. 

The flight time that this quad offers is somewhat lacking yet better in the vast majority of these entry-level toy quads. To make up for that, AKASO A31 is furnished with adaptable speed mode that permits a smooth and slow expectation to learn. Additionally, this toy quad includes a built-in gyroscope stabilizer that helps keep the drone adjusted through the flight performance.

Not to neglect to specify it likewise has an optical flow system that helps keep the quad’s tallness level the equivalent. This guarantees learners will have a simple time directing the AKASO A31. Generally, flight execution is extraordinary. An improved battery with longer flight time will handily push this drone in front of its rivals. 

AKASO A31 Quadcopter Specs Review

Flight features and functions

The AKASO A31 accompanies an abundance of computerized capacities. As a beginner quad, this is normal. Here are some of the capacities that you ought to appreciate utilizing in the quadcopter. 

Auto takeoff and landing key

This has gotten one of the most widely recognized capacities in toy drones for children and learners. Simply press this key and the drone takes off. It will float at a good altitude hanging tight for the following move. It will do a similar thing when you bring it home to land. 

Speed modes

This is a significant feature for a novice quad. Clients get a chance to develop some ability at a low speed. They can attempt a higher speed when they have increased some understanding. You get high, medium, and low-speed modes with the A31. 

Flips and Rolls

Relatively few little drones have this element, however, you can get the opportunity to utilize it here. While it is still in-flight, you can get the drone to do 360-degree rolls and flips. If it’s not too much trouble note that utilizing this capacity may devour more battery power, but the pleasant time makes it justified, despite all the trouble.

Trajectory Flight

Open the application on your cell phone and draw a course on the guide that you might want the drone to follow. At the point when you dispatch it, it follows that course. You can fly the quad without hands. Simply pick a course with the best landscape to make a great video film. 

Headless mode

The X-shape of this quadcopter makes it appear to be identical from any side. That could be a trouble to a learner but when the headless mode is locked in, the quad flies according to the pilot. You don’t need to stress over where the front faces in any event when the drone is a long way from you. 

Altitude Hold

Lock your quad to a specific stature as you stress over only on the forward flight. Learners are not able to hold the altitude of the quad manually as it flies, that’s why this great mode is. 


Get the quad to return if it flies out of range or the battery begins to run low. This guarantees the drone doesn’t get lost. 

PROs & CONs 


  • Easy to utilize and control 
  • Cool features
  • Very steady altitude hold
  • Good camera at the cost 


  • Short flight time of 8-9 minutes
  • Limited control and Wi-Fi range
  • No additional battery included 
  • Cheap plastic feel


The AKASO A31 Quadcopter is a moderate and cheap choice for learners who are new to the world of drones and want to figure out how to fly one before they spend on top of the line camera drones, as shown in our review.

AKASO A31 Camera

AKASO A31 is an extraordinary alternative that offers a decent blend of good flight time and remote control distance. Adding to that, it accompanies an implicit LED module that changes up its wide options of highlights. About learning the basics, the AKASO A31 quad rocks that. 

The Akaso A31 merits your cash if you are searching for a better than average shooter that won’t worry you while flying. Loads of highlights are equipped towards learners so you ought to have the option to take it out for a flight. It won’t be a long flight given the small battery however it will be a pleasant encounter. You should buy spare batteries separately however they are not hard to get. 

One-key take-off and landing make flights a breeze while preventing harming crashes. You can keep it steady easily while you capture some great shots of the landscape. Simply get it far from solid breezes and you ought to do fine. Perform adjustment cautiously to ensure that it flies level and goes the way that you need it to.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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akaso-a31-quadcopter-review AKASO A31 Quadcopter Review For a lot of purchasers, $100 is the enchantment number for drone buys. Nowadays, you have a lot more choices in this value run and their exhibition can give charming surprises. One such model is the AKASO A31 Quadcopter that we'll...


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