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LH X16 WF Quadcopter Review

LH X16 WF Quadcopter Review

LH X16 WF Quadcopter – Small Cheap Drone Review

The LH X16 WF Quadcopter is a small drone that has a good price tag, hovering at $40. It seems to be design for beginners mostly and for hobbyists. But you can also do some interesting things with the drone at it offers more than the price tag suggests.
LH X16 WF Quadcopter

General Info:

The drone doesn’t have a camera and the flying range doesn’t get higher than 12 metres. Even though you don’t have a camera, you can put one of your own if you actually want to record something. The weight of the drone is around 500g.


It has a 4 rotor design with a 6-Axis Gyroscope that can help it be more stable and it also has some prop guards in order to protect the propellers from damage. A cool thing is that it also has altitude hold, which is a pretty good feature for a $40 drone. So if you actually plan to put a camera on the drone, you can actually take some pretty steady shots.

The quadcopter has some flashing lights in order to help you fly it better in dark environments. The remote control has a 2.4Ghz frequency and this is good against interferences. This frequency is better if you have many obstacles between the RC and the drone.
LH X16 WF Quadcopter Controller


This is probably the best part about this drone. It can produce a whopping 20 minutes worth of flight time. Compared to other drones, this is a very good flight time and you will be able to enjoy flying this drone for a good amount of time. If you plan to do some shots with it, then the flight time will help you a lot and you won’t need to buy too many extra batteries.

Main Functions

So as I’ve said, for the price it has, this drone has a lot of good features. It can go Up/Down, turn Left/Right, it can fly on the Left/Right side,and it has Controllable Flight function, Side Ward 360 Degrees Eversion function meaning that it can do a complete 360 degrees roll.
LH X16 Quad Main Functions


The LH X16 WF Quadcopter is a very budget friendly drone and it proves to be quite surprising in a good way. As far as I’ve seen there are mostly positive reviews and at this price tag with what it offers, you really can’t complain.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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