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Foxtech Screamer 250 Review


Foxtech Screamer 250 Review

The Drone`s Profile

The Foxtech Screamer 250 Pentacopter that we’ll review in here is a good offer for the price it has and it is the perfect drone for your collection. It has both pros and cons, but let`s start with the pros and we will talk about the cons after.

The advantages and benefits of the drone:

  • It comes as an RTF package. That means, it is a ready-to-fly pentacopter, which does not require any building or setup, but you need to do some easy things like charge up the battery.
  • When it moves in the air, it exceeds the force that prevents the flight because of the shape it has. In other words, it has an aerodynamic profile.
  • If you will test it to see how it flies then take care because it is extraordinarily quick
  • It is equipped with engines that make it super powerful
  • Related to engines, they are well secured in a nice motor protection
  • If somehow the drone goes through an accident and gets damaged no need to worry because it is easy to repair it and in addition, it can be upgraded very effortlessly

The minuses or disadvantages of Foxtech Screamer 250 are just a few and mostly regarding the ease with which the elements of pentacopter can break. The FPV camera is connected to the vibration isolating mount that`s why it is likely to get damaged. 

The transmitter can also get broken because it is exposed. And other things that make the drone not so resistant are the bottom and top plates that are thin. One more disadvantage is that the Foxtech Screamer 250 is not easy to use for newbies.

Foxtech Screamer 250 Makes History

A wonderful development has been made in the drone racing industry recently, with the debut of the first pentacopter build, especially for racing.

After a lot of work and time that was invested by Fortech to develop and improve various existing racing drones for enthusiasts, they came up with the newly designed Foxtech Screamer 250 Pentacopter, a racing beast.

This model is an FPV racing drone made to give you the most amazing FPV experience. It is designed identically to an ordinary quad, still, it was exclusively made for forward thust and with a plus motor, besides the four motors that every regular drone has.

Foxtech Screamer 250 Orange Review

Features Of The Pentacopter

  • The wheel base is 250 mm thick
  • It weighs 610 g
  • The battery is included and it is a 4S 1800 mah LI-PO battery
  • The approximate time the drone can fly is 3-5 min
  • It can reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h
  • The transmitter weighs 5.8 g and is an FT958 600 mW 40 Ch AV
  • It comes with four 2205/ 2300 kV motors and one Fortech 2208/ 2500 kV motor
  • Camera characteristics: FH10R FPV
  • It has a Naze32 Rev 6 flight controller
  • It is made of 3K pure carbon fiber
  • It also has Led lights
  • Recommended age of use is 10 years and up
  • In the box, you will get 2 pairs of 3 blade propellers and one 2 blade propeller

Special Features

The concept of the Screamer 250 is fascinating. Many aviators like the new idea of the additional fifth motor which is so helpful for fast forward flight. This drone is intended primarily for rear thrust, that is why it has the 2208/ 2500 kV motor and those 5 propellers.

These characteristics help the pentacopter to reach a high speed of 130 km/h and to be honest this speed is something extraordinary for this price. A feature that will amaze you is that the Screamer 250 can perform aerobatic maneuvers in a way you never saw at other racing drones that you can find on the market.

The awesome feature of the drone, the ingenious rear thruster is incredibly helpful for immediate speedup. It allows the pentacopter to fly levelly at super speed and the flyer can pilot without worrying at low-altitude flight through any kind of obstacle. Also, it allows the flyer to hold the Screamer 250 in track easily while doing aerobatic tricks.

Something important to keep in mind is that the rear thruster is not possible at takeoff and also at landing.

If you want to try another incredible speed drone with a nice performance in organized racing events then I recommend the XK X251 Racing Quadcopter. This is a mini quadcopter that has powerful motors which will give the drone enough power to speed up and will give you an amazing experience.

Frame aspects

The material from which the frame is made is carbon fiber. This characteristic gives the Screamer 250 a light weight and provides high intensity to it. Despite this, some flyers said that they do not really like that the bottom and top plates are so thin because it is easier to break it.

They are 1 mm thick and other drones have the frame at least twice that thickness. These huge bottom and top plates are considered the weakest point of the pentacopter when it flyes at a high speed.

Screamer 250 Performance

Foxtech Screamer 250

The drone has good quality antivibration mounts and this helps the pentacopter achieve a steady Fpv real time wireless reception and wonderful HD video records. 

The vibration and jello free platform is of big help to give good results, and also the rigid structure is also useful here.

The Foxtech Screamer 250 is supplied with LED lights in the rear to be of use when you want to easily orient it.

For an outstanding acceleration and a forward flight speed, the aerodynamic profile is the perfect feature that can allow this. The speed of the Screamer 250 is considerably bigger than the speed achieved by other FPV racing drones. 

Different package

Foxtech offers different packaging options of the drone for users with different levels of existing equipment. For professional flyers the F3 flight controller is better than the NAZE32 flight controller because the manual mode responds much faster, but this controller does not have a great response with attitude mode.

The NAZE32 flight controller has good control in manual and also in attitude mode and is suited for the advanced pilots. The controller is nice for normal flying and not so brutal as F3 in manual mode.

The flight time of the Foxtech Screamer 250 is normally 3-5 min but is reduced if you use the rear motor.


The Foxtech Screamer 250 from this review really gives us an amazing pentacopter for this price range. The Foxtech Screamer 250 is a perfect choice for all drone lovers who value a high-speed experience. But, unfortunately, the chances of the pentacopter to get accepted in a drone race event are not that big. That is why the Screamer 250 is mostly suitable for those who are not very interested in racing events. You can find it on the original Foxtech Store.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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foxtech-screamer-250-review Foxtech Screamer 250 Review The Drone`s Profile The Foxtech Screamer 250 Pentacopter that we'll review in here is a good offer for the price it has and it is the perfect drone for your collection. It has both pros and cons, but let`s start with the...


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