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Potensic T18 Quadcopter Review

Potensic T18 Quadcopter Review

Potensic T18 Quadcopter Review

The Potensic T18 Quadcopter that we’ll review here is a reasonable model and it has a few different highlights that are typically seen on bigger drones. The wise drone has some features that make it an incredible buy. With various flight modes, you will find that even as a beginner, it is not hard to learn how to pilot it. 

The Potensic T18 is a little quad that estimates 27x27x12 cm and has an all-dark shading design which makes it look secretive and futuristic. It has a lightweight and minimized plan, weighing under one kilogram, with a smooth pure black structure body. Since it doesn’t weigh a lot, it is amazingly versatile. Basically put it in the box and carry it anywhere. 

The remote controller is quite pleasant and it would appear that it is a computer games controller. It is fueled by an internal lipo battery, which you can recharge with a USB port. The buttons have symbols on them so you will easily recognize what each one does. In the controller, there are a few labels that light up and show what mode the automaton is in and there is a different smartphone holder that you can join on the back to utilize its FPV highlights. 

The transmitter that you will get in the box feels like it’s directly from a PlayStation, with a helpful holder for a cell phone. Likewise with most drones nowadays, the transmitter can fly the drone well all alone, yet the cell phone application opens up the full usefulness.

The propellers are produced using extreme material and all quad parts are all around organized to guarantee that the quad doesn’t get harmed if there should be an occurrence of a minor accident during flights. 

The drone has a 3.7V 1000mAH battery that can be recharged in about 90 minutes. The battery has been built with a system that optimizes energy and gives an astonishing flight experience. 


Despite being a modest drone, the Potensic T18 quadcopter accompanies some perfect features that we review below that will make it simpler to fly the drone and have a fabulous time with it. 

Double GPS – With its double GPS module, the quad can associate with more satellites that will permit you to follow the quad on the application all the time and takes into consideration the quad`s self-governing flight modes. 

Return Home – The drone will get back if you lose association or if the battery gets low on charge. This element can likewise be physically activated through the remote controller or application. Many drones have this feature and it assists with limiting the danger of losing your drone. 

Potensic T18 Quadcopter Package Review

Follow Me – The drone will lock onto the controller and tail you any place you go, a pleasant component that works. Even though being a cheap quadcopter, you should keep it in closeness so it will work well. 

Headless mode – Will empower the drone to fly a similar way as your transmitter. If you might want to make it fly sideways, or toward any direction that you pick without following its head, simply set it on headless mode. Headless Mode permits you to move the switches to fly the drone where you need it. This is an incredibly supportive feature that makes figuring out how to fly a lot simpler for unpracticed ones.

Altitude hold – It helps the drone to float at whatever tallness you need and take recordings and pictures from that level.

The T18 likewise has an inbuilt Virtual Mode. Basically interface the camera on the drone with your smartphone, at that point set the application running. When you pick VR Mode, the quadcopter will move depending on the situation of your head. This feature causes you to feel as though you are up in the sky.

Flight Performance

This quad is so pleasant to fly, it keeps up a decent consistent altitude and with its GPS highlight, it can drift pretty precisely, giving that there is no wind. The general transmission run is around 300 meters, even though this will rely upon the weather and if there are any obstacles in the flight way. 

The Potensic T18 is a well-performing drone and weighs only a little more than two pounds. It gives regular resistance against a breeze that makes it a fantastic open-air drone for aerial photography and such.

Since it is an incredible performing drone, it utilizes brushless engines that don’t create a lot of friction. Rather, the brushless engines reduce the measure of intensity it needs to continue running. In addition, it makes it less likely to break compared with brushed engines and the brushless engines spare you time, cash and you have longer flight time.

Like most current drones, there are some great LED lights on the finish of every rotor arm, these lights look amazing in the evening time, making it simpler to fly. The lights additionally fill another need and that is to demonstrate when the drone compass is completely aligned, something you need to do before flying any drone.

There are a couple of landing legs that accompany the package, you should connect them on before flying the quad. The landing legs fill several needs, they permit you to land securely and they likewise ensure the camera and the drone lands.

One of the characterizing performance improvements that Potensic T18 has is the updated 9-Axis Gyroscope. The 9-axis gyroscope is a significant improvement in estimating and changing the air force precisely. Much more thus, its barometer guarantees fast modifications that keep the drone steady and simple to control for beginners and experienced remote pilots.

Potensic T18 Camera

Potensic T18

In contrast to the majority of the drones, the Potensic T18 is furnished with an amazing 1080p HD camera. The camera has a 120° FOV and can be remotely balanced 75° to get the viewing edge you need. The live video film is streamed at 720p and its most extreme range is around 100 meters in the case that you fly in great climate conditions. 

With the Potensic T18 quad, I think it is possible to make probably some cash selling the photography. It would be an extraordinary practice understanding as you figure out how to turn into a skilled picture taker before you intend to buy costly drones like Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro. 

The best element of this little drone is the HD camera but this is a cheap quadcopter and the camera mirrors that. It’s a pleasant drone to pilot with and the camera will take some good recordings and pictures yet as it has no adjustment included like a gimbal, you will see some bending like jello impact in your video film.

To get the 1080p full goals of the camera, you should record the video film on a micro SD card. There is a little memory card opening on the rear of the camera, be that as it may, you should buy a different memory card as one isn’t furnished with the drone package.

PROs & CONs 

Pros of Potensic T18 

  • Clear and high-quality photos and videos
  • Returns home when the connection is lost or when the battery gets drained
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • High-speed transmission without delay
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stable and smooth flying experience and a good flight time
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Perfect for all types of drone lovers

Cons of Potensic T18 

  • GPS feature does not work when out of range
  • No Obstacle Avoidance Detection
  • No 4K Resolution
  • Sometimes, the app encounters connection problems
  • The battery does not last particularly long

Final Thoughts

The Potensic T18 from our review is an extremely conventional quadcopter created cautiously and made with top quality materials that guarantee it will meet the buyer’s desire. It is cheap, difficult to break, and packed with many highlights. 

The way that this drone has many great features to upgrade the recording quality and its security means that it is ideal for everybody. Learners will see this drone amazing because it is not difficult to utilize. The advanced clients will likewise adore this drone as a result of its great highlights, flight modes, and others. 

The drone is very steady and reacts well to the controls, so it is mainstream with learners who need to improve their flying abilities. The GLONASS and GPS systems utilize satellite innovation, to guarantee a dependable and consistent floating position.

The Potensic T18 is a decent purchase but it isn’t suggested for professional photography and video work, instead, it will be a decent camera for your fun times. You can purchase with confidence since this drone will give you great value for your cash.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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potensic-t18-quadcopter-review Potensic T18 Quadcopter Review The Potensic T18 Quadcopter that we'll review here is a reasonable model and it has a few different highlights that are typically seen on bigger drones. The wise drone has some features that make it an incredible buy. With various flight...


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