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Simrex X900 Drone Review

Simrex X900 Drone Review

Introduction to Simrex X900 Drone Review

There are a lot of good and cheap drones on the market and one of them is the Simrex X900 Drone. The Simrex X900 is a beginner-friendly drone that is in the sub-$100 category and we’ll review it in here. When you see the price you will be a little bit cynical about the quality but no worries, the build quality is great, the camera is decent, the flight time is also long, and you have many flight functions.

The drone is a small one with a foldable design and stable camera, very lightweight and easy to fly and comes with a bunch of features. It is made out of plastic, yet it does not feel very fragile and it will not break up so easily. 

It has incorporated the aerofoil technology which makes the propellers foldable and it can be found at other drones like Eachine E511S, Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Spark.

At night time you can use the LED lights underneath each rotor arm, it will look nice and they also help to indicate when the drone compass has been fully calibrated.

Build and Design  

You can have high expectations from this drone because it is a foldable drone. It is a glossy quadcopter with foldable propeller arms and blades. So you do not need to take off the blades when you fold the drone. The size of the Simrex X900 is like a soda can when folded, measuring 130mm x 90mm x 45mm and making it easy to carry and pack without any worries when traveling. 

When the drone is unfolded, it is not too big either, measuring almost three times its folded size. You will get a battery, a phone holder, a remote controller, 4 reserve propellers, a charging cable, 4 propeller guards, and a product manual neatly packed in a box. Unfortunately, you will have to get a separate carrying case because you won’t get one. 

The casing is strong and durable, matte-finished in dark gray color. It holds up well to crashes and it will stay intact in case a crash happened or the drone falls with the spares providing extra confidence.

Drone`s Camera

The camera is a deciding factor when it comes to buying a good camera drone. Toy-grade drones don’t have good camera quality so you can’t expect much from the camera but you can have a lot of fun.

Simrex X900

SIMREX X900 drone is equipped with a 1080P HD camera that has a 110° FOV. The quality of the video isn’t really HD but it will capture good photographs and videos and give you decent images for your films. 

The camera has a wide angle of 110 degrees so there will be a lot of background in your shoots. To get a better video resolution you will need to purchase a micro SD card and record the video footage on it because there is none provided with the package.

You can’t adjust the camera manually or remotely because it is fixed onto the drone and this is disappointing. But once you develop your aerial photography skills that shouldn’t hold you back from capturing good shots.


This drone uses a quite large battery for this class, lithium polymer battery 3.7V with a capacity of 1,200 mAh, yet it allows the quad to fly for 15 minutes at a time. This is a greatly extended life for this cheap drone, instead, you will have to wait for an hour and a half to charge it.

You can easily remove and insert it without posing any risk because it is a modular battery. It is recommended, for charging the battery, to use the provided charging cable.

You will get only one battery in the package and it is not possible to buy spares online. This is no problem for advanced users because they can just hack a spare battery but beginners will have some troubles with it.

Remote controller

This drone can be controlled by using an elegant and reliable 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless remote controller. There are many good things about the remote of the Simrex X900 Drone controller like the built-in gravity sensor that we’ll review below. The design of it is simple and portable which makes it easy to handle for any beginners and carry around with the drone.

The remote controller has responsive and easy to use two thumbsticks for directional control and buttons for altitude hold, headless mode, power, and one key take off which makes it a good choice for beginners.

It comes with a smartphone holder that gives you the opportunity to enable real-time video. You can also pilot SIMREX X900 using your smartphone by connecting the app to the drone.

You can fly SIMREX X900 up to 120 meters away, which is the maximum control range.  It is a short transmitter range, so you need to keep the unit flying in this range or else you will lose your control. 

Features and Flight Functions

This is not only a good-looking drone, it also comes with some cool and outstanding features that will make it more fun to fly.

Simrex X900 Drone Package Review

Optical Flow Positioning

  • the drone can stay at a preset height
  • it floats at an altitude without having to control it
  • This gives you the opportunity to capture video and image footage

One key takeoff and landing

  • It makes the drone easy to fly
  • The drone comes with one-button take-off and landing
  • If you punch the key the drone takes off

Dual Assense Control

  • You can disconnect your smartphone from the remote controller
  • you can fly the drone by moving your smartphone around

Headless mode

  • its best for beginners 
  • even when you cannot see it you can be sure the drone is flying right
  • the drone’s direction is oriented to the pilot

3D Flips and Rolls

  • you can do some cool 360° flips and rolls 
  • The drone can also flip to the sides, forwards and backward
  • These are fun features, but they may drain the battery a bit faster

Three speed modes

  • high, medium and low speed modes
  • you can switch to a different flight mode even when the drone is in motion

Altitude Hold

  • the drone maintains the altitude that you like while you concentrate on the horizontal flight of the drone
  • it flies smoothly and can hover pretty decently

Flight Performance

This is an easy drone to control and operate, you will have no problems flying the drone in non-windy conditions. If you fly it in windy conditions, install the propeller guards because if you crash it they will minimize the damage of the drone.

SIMREX X900 is a camera quadcopter that truly gives you a nice flight performance.  You can enjoy flying the drone in the air up to a total of 15 minutes and it has rechargeable batteries, which do not need much time to charge.

An important factor that decides its simplicity is also the ease of flight controls. SIMREX X900 is designed to provide a smooth and gradual learning curve thanks to its built-in speed mode. The drone has built-in safety flight functions, so if you lose visual of the drone it is easy to recall it home.

Simrex X900 Drone Black Review

SIMREX X900 Pros

  • Foldable into a small size and portable design
  • It has a fairly long flight times
  • Easy to control for beginners with 3 speed choices
  • The camera captures good footage
  • Dual remote control so you can fly the drone using the controller or the smartphone
  • The remote controller has a built-in gravity sensor
  • Built-in 1080P Full HD FPV wide-angle camera.
  • Durable, impact-resistant.
  • Many features.
  • It is cheap
  • You get an extra set of blades

SIMREX X900 Cons

  • The user manual should be more detailed
  • Short controller range
  • Lights need to be brighter
  • It is unstable when is windy 
  • Stationary camera
  • The app is difficult to pair
  • Hard to find an extra battery 

Final Thoughts

SIMREX X900 is a good looking and long-flying drone and a good choice when it comes to affordability as mentioned in this review. It has a pretty decent camera and many features and flight functions. The drone also comes in three amazing color choices: red, black and white.

This is a small drone, so it is best when it comes to traveling or going outdoors. Therefore, when flying it outdoors, it will vanish because it is very light in weight. So, make sure there is no wind at all and fly this drone carefully. If you are a beginner, fly it on the low-speed mode first. You can speed it up once you learn how it flies.

As long as you are within range and the wind is not too strong it is easy to fly it  and I recommend trying the dual remote control because it is a nice touch.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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simrex-x900-drone-review Introduction to Simrex X900 Drone Review There are a lot of good and cheap drones on the market and one of them is the Simrex X900 Drone. The Simrex X900 is a beginner-friendly drone that is in the sub-$100 category and we'll review...


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