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Syma x100 Quadcopter Review


Syma x100 Quadcopter Review

In this article we are going to talk about an interesting drone, that is also very safe to use, being a perfect choice for beginners and kids. The Syma x100 quadcopter is a very impressive drone that comes with a built-in cage for its propellers in order to make it more resistant and also it is safer for indoor flying, as you’ll see in our review. If you are interested in purchasing a high-quality small drone without spending a fortune on it, the Syma x100 could be the right choice for you. 

Following this article you will find out all you need to know about this fascinating drone. We are going to discuss the design, built-in materials, features, flight performance and specifications, so stick with us in order to collect all the information you need about this quadcopter, before you purchase it.

Design & built-in

 Syma x100 quadcopter comes with a very interesting design, pretty similar to the Snaptain H823H. It has a great silver color that offers it a beautiful shiny look, especially when the weather is sunny. It has a very sturdy and resistant look, due to its cages that cover the propellers, and it’s made out of high-quality ABS plastic, making it very solid and resistant to crashes, so you don’t have to worry about the small impacts. 

Under each propeller, you will find a landing pad that will help the drone come down easily without any damage, when the flight session is done. Around the body’s framework you will find the LED lights that are very useful for a drone, especially when you fly it in the dark, but also in the daytime. The Syma x100 quadcopter uses brushed motors, which is a great one for flying a drone, but it warms up after a flight sesion. 

The quadcopter has a pretty small size and a light weight, that being said it is a very compact and easy to carry drone. You can easily put it in its box and pack in your backpack if you want to take it with you from one place to another. 

Syma x100 Quadcopter Package Review

All together we can say that the Syma x100 quadcopter has a great design that is not only very beautiful but also is very resistant. Also, the cages that cover its propellers makes the drone a perfect choice for kids or beginners who are at their first steps in learning to fly a drone. 


In the next chapter, we are going to talk about its package and what you will also find inside of it. We consider this part a very important one because some drones come along with more extra accessories than others, offering an important advantage to its user. 

The Syma x100 comes in a very beautiful designed box that offers a professional look to the product. First thing when you open the box you will find the drone itself, along with its controller. The controller has a very beautiful minimalist look, with simple commands in order to get a great flight experience. In the box you will also find its usb charger, a screwdriver, the user manual and an extra set of propellers, in case of an accident. A great plus that this drone offers is that it comes with two batteries, in order to offer you a longer flight experience. A battery fully charged will offer a continuous flight up to 7 minutes, but taking into consideration that you have a second battery, the drone’s flight time doubles up to 14 minutes, which is a great time for a drone at its price. 

An important factor that you should be aware of is that using a brushed motor the drone might warm up after a flight and in order to get a great flight experience we suggest, letting it cool down for a couple of minutes before you start flying it again. 


Another important topic of each drone review is the one about the drone’s features. More features the drone comes with, the more interesting it becomes for its customers and we can say that Syma x100 also comes with some impressive features. 

A very interesting feature of this small drone is that it has two- speed mode, making it easier to use and more interesting to play with. This feature represents a huge help for the ones who are learning to fly to a drone, because they can increase the drone’s speed as they become better at piloting it.  

Another interesting feature that usually captures everyone’s attention and also offers lots of fun is the ability of the drone to perform 360 – degrees aerial tricks. You can choose the side you want the drone to do the flips and for sure you and your friends will have lots of fun watching it.

The drone can be controlled by its remote controller or virtual controls, but if you want more fun you can control this drone using you hands.  

One of the most important features of this drone is that it utilizes sensors for identifying objects. Using sensors the drone has the ability to avoid objects, making it more resistant and more safer to use also. 

Syma x100

Flight experience 

Having a simple controller makes it very easy to use and perfect to practice your pilot skills on it. It automatically finds its balance due to its gyroscope and also it adjusts the air pressure level itself in order to ensure a perfectly smooth and relaxing flight experience for its users. 

The speed control of this drone makes it special and perfect for beginners and kids, offering the opportunity to learn how to pilot it step by step. Better you control it, the faster you can fly it. 

A very important aspect that will help you obtain an amazing flight experience is the fact that the drone uses obstacle avoidance sensors, so you don’t have to worry about fly it to close to an object, because the drone knows that when it is almost at the point of impact, in will stop and come back in order to avoid it. 

Syma x100 quadcopter comes with great features and high-quality components offering an amazing flight experience for its users. Being also very secure to use and because of its objects avoidance sensors it is a perfect drone for kids and beginner drone enthusiasts.


To sum up this review, Syma x100 Quadcopter is a very interesting quadcopter that succeeded in surprising us with its features. Its design is very beautiful because of its colour and also because of the cages that cover the propellers. It is a safe drone to use, due to its sensors, being perfect for kids and beginners. Having many features, the Syma x100 might be one of the best drones you can find at its price range. 

If this drone caught your attention and you are interested in purchasing it you can find it on Amazon or Aliexpress.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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syma-x100-quadcopter-review Syma x100 Quadcopter Review In this article we are going to talk about an interesting drone, that is also very safe to use, being a perfect choice for beginners and kids. The Syma x100 quadcopter is a very impressive drone that comes with a built-in...


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