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Syma W1 Quadcopter Review

Syma W1 Quadcopter Review

Syma W1 Quadcopter Review

With the time passing by more and more drones come out on the market and you can see more and more people capturing beautiful moments with their drone. Especially when you go travel ms, simultaneously you have to control the altitude, the direction and taking photos at the same time while following a small screen. And if you don’t train properly to be a drone pilot there is a very high chance somewhere nice. And I bet you wish you want to be one of those guys or girls who are just showing off with their drones.

Maybe you have a sports camera like a GoPro, but that just is not the same feeling as using a drone. Well, piloting a drone is not as easy as it seems that you’re going to break your drone. But luckily with the time and the quantity of the drones the technology evolved as well. This means that you can concentrate on only one thing, like maneuvering or like making good footage, so the simultaneous activities won’t affect your footage. And this drone is just like that, which makes it perfect for beginners. It does not just help you control the drone, but also will provide great footage with its 1080p camera. But you will find out more in this Syma W1 Quadcopter Review.


  • GPS positioning system;
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • Phone APP control;
  • Barometric air-pressure sensor (alt-hold);
  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key return to home;
  • Smart flight modes 
  • Gesture control for photography and shooting;
  • On-board full HD 1080P camera;
  • 720P real-time transmission over 5G WiFi;
  • 7.6V 1300mAh LiPo battery. 

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Aircraft
  • Remote Control
  •  4 x Paddle
  • 4 x Protection Frame
  • Charger
  • 1 x Phone Holder
  • 1 x Battery
  • Users manual
  • Design and build
Syma W1 Quadcopter New Review

The Syma W1 measures 220g with the battery included. And fully assembled it measures 292 * 274 * 62mm with the prop guard on. The drone has a stylish white-silver color which looks really great. The power button is placed on the top of the drone in the middle. And at the bottom, there is the battery and the optical flow sensor. On the top, there are 4 little lights which show you the level of the battery. This feature I find useless because you won’t land the drone every 5 minutes to check the battery level.  Under each arm, there is a little bumper, and they are enabled with LED lights which are not for the design but to help you find the orientation of the drone.

The drone comes with 2400KV brushless motors, I know this might be standard, but there are still some manufacturers who use brushed motors. And that is a bad choice because they are louder, have less power and they are not that reliable. Therefore if you even want to make a drone, always use a brushless motor.


The battery is a 7.6V 1300mah battery which provides the drone a 15 minute flight time, but that depends on the style you’re flying the drone and the features you are using during flight. The batteries are easy to detach and it takes up to around 2 hours to charge it back. But because the battery is removable you can buy a spare set of batteries to double the flight time.

Remote controller

The RC has a very simplified design which I like very much. The controller is a 2.4GHz one. On the front, you have only the power buttons and the throttles, and you have the other buttons for the photo/video, take-off, switching lens, etc are on the top of the controller.

If you connect your phone to the drone you can use even the phone to control the drone, but I don’t recommend that because it doesn’t have an organic touch like the controller, so you better just use the phone for the live transmission.


The drone comes with a standard 1080p camera, the camera is fixed and you can’t change its angle. The good thing about the drone is the fact that the footage is stored on a microSD card in the drone. This makes sure that you won’t get glitchy videos because of the low transmission. That happens when the footage is stored on your mobile phone. Also, you can use the optical flow camera as well as a camera but the quality on that will be really reduced.

Syma W1

The drone has FPV features as well if you download the app. Besides the live feed, you will get telemetry info and other features like orbit mode, auto landing, waypoint, etc.

Flight experience

The drone can be enjoyable for you even if you’re a beginner. The aircraft has two different speed modes, so you can start at a slow speed if you feel you can’t control the drone fully. After you get the basics of the controlling you can switch to the superior speed to enable the drones full potential. The drone has a range of 200 meters which is not that much but it’s enough to make good aerial photos about yourself or nature.


Overly the Syma W1 Quadcopter from this review is built really great. The drone has a really great design, both the aircraft and controller, which I like very much. A good manufacturer has to pay attention to aesthetics as well. But luckily this drone gives more than just a nice kit. It has a really good 1080p camera which is among the best, after the 2K and 4K cameras out there.

Also, it has a secondary camera, this secondary camera won’t give you the best resolution but it’s fun to use it. Furthermore, it has altitude hold, waypoint and other GPS features which will make it super easy to control the drone while taking photos and videos. Also, it has different speed modes, so you can train and evolve your piloting skills on this drone. And all this makes this drone a perfect drone for beginners.

If you feel like this drone should be for you to go and check it out the following pages to get the best price: Aliexpress and Gearbest.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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syma-w1-quadcopter-review Syma W1 Quadcopter Review With the time passing by more and more drones come out on the market and you can see more and more people capturing beautiful moments with their drone. Especially when you go travel ms, simultaneously you have to control the altitude,...


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