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Tomzon D25 Quadcopter Review

Tomzon D25 Quadcopter Review

Tomzon D25 Quadcopter Review

Are you looking for a small size drone, with a very beautiful look, that performs really well and also at an affordable price? Then, Tomzon D25 Quadcopter might be the right choice for you, as we’ll show you in this review. It is not one of the most professional drones, but taking into consideration its price, you will be surprised to see how great it performs.

If you are an inexperienced drone user, looking for a drone that you can practice your flying skill on, we consider that the Tomzon D25 Quadcopter might be the right choice for you. It comes with lots of interesting features in order to make your flight experience easier, it comes at great price and it is very resistant to impacts. Following this article you will find out all you need to know about this drone’s important aspects, like design, performance, built-in quality, packaging and more, in order to be more aware about this drone’s specifications, so you can decide if it will be the right drone for you.


When you purchase this drone you will be surprised to see how many accessories come along with it. One thing we like a lot about it is the carrying case, which is very helpful when you want to move the drone from one place to another and also it protectects the drone as well. In the package you will find the drone itself along with its remote controller, 2 spare propellers in case you the ones on the drone get broken, 4 propeller guards that will ensure a higher protection to your drone, a small screwdriver, the charging cable and the most important thing in our opinion is that it comes with 2  3.7V 1100 mAH batteries that will offer you a total flight experience up to 25 minutes, which is a great time for drone. 

This represents a very important aspect about this drone, knowing that the vast majority of drones at a similar price range usually come with only one battery that offers a flight time of 5-9 minutes only. Taking this into consideration, with the Tomzon D25 quadcopter, you will get a longer flight experience that will help you a lot, especially if you want to learn how to fly a drone.

Design and build

This quadcopter has a beautiful modern look, coming in a grey color looking very similar with the popular DJI Mavic mini quadcopter. Its size is pretty small, measuring 9.1 x 9.1 x 2.2 inches. It is a foldable drone and that is why you can easily take it with you wherever you go. When the drone is folded its size reduces to 4.9 x 3.5 x 2.2 inches, so you can easily fit in your pocket. It weighs 120g, which is a good weight because it helps in stabilizing the drone when it is windy. 

Tomzon D25 Quadcopter Package Review

An interesting aspect about this drone is that it comes with 2 separated cameras. You will find the main camera in front of the drone, that will help you take interesting footage from great angles. On the bottom side of the drone you will have the second camera.

The drone is covered with high quality ABS Plastic that will protect the drone and its inside components very well at impacts. And also because of its propeller’s protection guards we can say that the Tomzon D25 Quadcopter is an amazing, shock resistant drone. Another important thing that you should take into consideration about this drone is that it comes with brushless motors, which are the best for a drone to use, because they resist for a long period of time without the need for maintenance. 


The quadcopter offers one of the best times you can on a drone at its price range, due to its 2 3.7V 1100mAH batteries. That offers you 12 minutes of flight each of them , but taking into consideration that it comes with 2 batteries your flight experience doubles up. The charging time for a battery is around 90 to 120 minutes, so might take into consideration charging one of the batteries while using the other one in order to get the best flight experience.

The batteries are modular ones, so they are very easy to change. You also, don’t have to worry about your safety while changing them because the batteries are safe to handle. 


This amazing drone also comes with an amazing 4k camera that can take 4096 by 2160P photos and videos. The camera is manually adjustable and is perfect for taking high quality photos and videos. In order to get the most out of it, you will have to find the perfect weather conditions and also to use its flight modes.

You can also find a second small camera below the drone. The small camera is more like an optical flow sensor. Taking all of these into consideration the D25’s camera will help you obtain amazing aerial shots and videos, of course they are not at a professional quality, but for sure it will serve your needs. 

Tomzon D25 Quadcopter

Flight performance 

Tomzon D25 comes with some interesting flight modes, in order to make the user’s flight experience better. Its automatic flight functions make it the perfect match for everyone who wants to learn how to pilot a drone or even for kids. Down below we will talk about its flight functions: 

  • Optical flow positioning

Using this mode, the quadcopter will take steadily locked height while hovering. It is very useful especially for taking videos and photos at a great quality. This mode is also perfect for beginners in order to learn how to control the drone more efficiently. 

  • Gesture shooting mode 

If you show the victory sign to the D25 quadcopter it will take photos and if you show it the palm it will start recording. This represents a great way of taking group photos or videos with your friends or family. 

  • 360 Flips

This is one of the best modes, if you are looking for fun. By using this mode the drone will start doing flips forward, backward, right or left. It is a very impressive feature that will offer you and your friends lots of fun. 

  • Route planning 

With this mode you can make the drone fly by itself, while you can focus more on the photos and videos angles in order to get a better video and photo content. On the drone’s app, you have to simply draw a route. When you are done with it, the drone will start following the route. 

  • Speed settings 

This is one of the features that is considered by us to be one of the most important for beginners. You can select the drone’s speed in order to get an easier control on it. If you have no previous experience in flying a drone you can start with the lowest speed and as you become better you can also increase the speed of the drone. 

  • Picture filters 

If you are interested in creating beautiful pictures, the picture filter will help you a lot. By using the picture filters, you can make the color look better, the details more outstanding and picture quality much better. It represents a great help for the photographers, but also for the regular users in order to get the most out of their pictures.


To sum up this review, we can say that the Tomzon D25 Quadcopter offered us a great impression. It has a beautiful and modern design, its 4k camera is great and the features and flight modes are amazing. Also taking into consideration its price, we can say that the D25 might be one of the best drones you can find at this price range. 


So, if this amazing drone captured your attention and you are thinking about purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon.

FAQ: Tomzon D25 Quadcopter

Question: Is this drone a mini?

Answer: This little drone is lightweight and compact with a portable storage bag. The size of drone is 12.5 * 8.8 * 5.5cm in folded state and 23 * 23 * 5.5cm in open state. It is a foldable drone for home game.

Question: Is this have gps?

Answer: No it does not

Question: Does it works with Nexus 5X phone?

Answer: If your phone can connect the wi-fi then it is suitable for this drone.

Question: Does this drone require an sd card? If so, what is the maximum size?

Answer: There’s no sd card slot on this model drone – images/video are saved directly to your phone.

Question: What distance can it travel?

Answer: The fly distance of this drone with camera is fifty meters, with Optical Flow Positioning function makes drone hover more stable, helps you get the best fly experience.

Question: Whats the name of the app that you use with this drone

Answer: Tomzon-T in the App Store.

Question: What is the flight time?

Answer: Battery flight time when full charge is like 15min

Question: Does this has Return home functions?

Answer: No return home

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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tomzon-d25-quadcopter-review Tomzon D25 Quadcopter Review Are you looking for a small size drone, with a very beautiful look, that performs really well and also at an affordable price? Then, Tomzon D25 Quadcopter might be the right choice for you, as we'll show you in this review....


  1. Nice review. I had motor failure, contacted tomzon customer support about a replacement and none exist. So very poor in supplying parts and poor customer service. In addition the motor is 8mm dia x 17 mm long which does not exist in the aftermarket.


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